A little more about some of the beauty brands and products I use...

The Payot story begins in 1920 and is first and foremost about women. It is the story of its founder, Nadia Payot, and her ambition to bring women well-being and confidence, to emancipate them and reveal their beauty by developing skincare products. She invented the idea of facial gymnastics, which in the same year led to the 42-Movement Massage. As her business grew, Nadia Payot then set her sights on developing products tailored to each skin type. You can find out more about their products on their website @

I use Payot products for facials, and find them extremely effective, with many happy clients enjoying them regularly.

Scentered are therapy balms made up of essential oils. Essential oils have the ability to trigger emotional and mental responses from the brain as well as physical reactions within the body. We can use them in all areas of our lives: to relax and sleep, or to wake up and focus. They can improve our digestion and help to clear and brighten skin. An essential oil is far more than just a smell; the healing effect can be mental, physical and emotional. Each Scentered wellbeing fragrance contains up to 25 essential oils, expertly blended by leading British perfumers to create beautiful fragrances with therapeutic benefits.

There are 6 therapy balms, Be Happy, Sleep Well, Escape, Love, Focus and De-Stress. You smell each one and whichever you like will be the one you need at the moment. They are £14.50 each or I am doing a special offer of 2 for £24.

Payout facial creams
Scentered therapy balm with essential oils
Payot beauty creams
Relax with Scentered sleep well balm


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